When I think about jobs, I often think about the "Turner-over Club" — a group dedicated to turning over plates and finding the distinctive Syracuse China logo. And they found that logo on plates all around the world. For 138 years, Syracuse China and the men and women who made it were a point of pride for Central New York, and a symbol of our economic strength. But today, Syracuse China is closed ... and most of our china is made in China.

We all have stories like that. When my father lost his job in Buffalo, he was able to find work at paper mills around Upstate New York. Now, most of those jobs are gone too. Today, the promise of a well-paying job with benefits is gone, and too many hard-working people are falling behind.

I'm running for Congress to create jobs and get our economy working for everyone in Central New York. Of course we can't bring back all the jobs we've lost ... but I believe we can become a leader in the next generation of manufacturing, if we take advantage of the tools we already have. We can create more partnerships between our great universities and local businesses. We need to lower energy costs to attract new companies — right now, we have some of the highest energy costs in the region. And we need better schools in every community, because today a good job comes from a good education.

I also believe we must protect Social Security, pensions and Medicare — you paid into them your entire life, you deserve the benefits. And as a father of four young adults, I know college costs are spiraling out of control. We need to rein in the costs of higher education, and lower the interest rates on student loans. Students shouldn't be paying higher interest rates than Wall Street banks.

Getting it done means taking on the powerful special interests in Washington. I've spent my career winning tough fights, and that's what I'm going to do in Congress.


My dad was in the Navy during the Second World War, so I wanted to serve in the Navy, too. After attending Hudson Valley Community College, and graduating from SUNY Cortland and law school, I became an officer in the Navy. As a Navy JAG, I became an advisor to the Admiral responsible for delivering services to the fleet. We provided the services the men and women of the Navy needed to be ready to deploy. I also represented service members who were being taken advantage of by predatory lenders. I spent most of my years on active duty as a JAG prosecutor, prosecuting sexual predators, drug dealers and domestic violence cases.

When I left active duty, I moved back to Upstate New York because it’s a great place to raise a family. I joined a law firm in Syracuse, where I’ve had the opportunity to fight for a lot of good people. I took on corporations that cheated their workers out of overtime pay and won. And I helped union workers recover millions in pension funds that were lost to Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme. As a result, I was honored to be named as one of the top lawyers in America and included among the top 50 lawyers in Upstate New York.

If we're going to create jobs and get the economy working for everyone in Central New York, we need someone who knows how to take on the powerful special interests.


Donald Trump is dead wrong. This is a great country. My father defended this country in the Second World War, and I am proud to have served as an officer in the US Navy. But we need to create jobs in Central New York and get our economy working for everyone — not just the wealthy and special interests.

If you elect me to Congress, I promise to take on the tough fights like I have my entire career.